Want To Be Featured?

If you/your artist are interested in being featured on the site, please submit the following to TeamFlatRadio@Gmail.com [PLEASE NOTE: IF ONE OF THE REQUIRED COMPONENTS ARE MISSING, IT WON’T BE POSTED]:
1. Cover Art
2. Brief bio of the artist
3. Soundcloud/audiomack music links
4. Twitter/IG handle.

(Click the logo for direct access to paypal.)


Also, feel free to visit the sites below:

Follow The Network On Twitter: twitter.com/TeamFlatRadio

Follow The Network On Instagram: instagram.com/TeamFlatRadio

Like Us On Facebook: Facebook.com/TeamFlatRadio

Follow us on Tumblr: tumblr.com/TeamFlatRadio

Check out our soundcloud: soundcloud.com/TeamFlatRadio

If you want to make a donation to the TeamFlatRadio movement, click here:


Remember – The Network Is Real

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