Introduction: TeamFlatRadio

Thanks for clicking the link and opening up the web browser of the networking portal to connect talent and community service leaders across the world ! The #TeamFlatRadio movement is not only a radio show, but we are also networking gurus !

Our goal is to help everyone network and make new business and maybe collab on a project with someone you’ve met thru us ! We support all artist, music artist, community clubs and organizations and etc !

If you’re interested in joining the movement and have your website and brand seen across the web, email us a brief bio, a picture and a link to your website to !

Teamwork makes the dream work – Let’s work together and form an unstoppable movement !!


15 thoughts on “Introduction: TeamFlatRadio

  1. I remember when at guest this was a dream started by you man and now look at it bro. You are going to the top man don’t get discouraged your time will come I know it will. And when out does there won’t be anything to hold you back brodie. All I ask is just give me a chance to dj a show or two man lol.

  2. Bro the website is Lit. We gone make this blow up. Idk why I never thought to ask for the link before lol. I see this going very far especially with helping people collab and work on projects together. Keep it up my dude.

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