Da Kidd Half Presents His Best Body Of Work With His New Album, “Heartbreak Half”

One thing that most creatives can agree on, is that the game of life presents many opportunities for growth. But along with that growth comes sacrifices that have to be made in order for you to mature as an individual. Often times we begin to pursue an interest of ours and as soon as things begin to good, we cross paths with a person and form an unbreakable bond.  Along with this bond comes responsibilities that require your undivided attention and as a creative, you’re cornered into making the ultimate decision: focus on your dreams or risk it all in the name of love.

There’s an old saying that states: “elevation requires separation which then leads to growth.” Taking this statement to heart and applying it to his journey as an artist, East Atlanta native Da Kidd Half presents his best body of work with his new album, “Heartbreak Half“. Starting the album off with the full version of the song that was featured in the trailer (“Look What You Made Me“), Half gives his perspective on how love ranks on his list of priorities.

Executively produced by Daniel Watson and recording at the world famous Tree Sound Studios, Half separates himself from the pack by displaying his versatility as an artist with an authentic sound that can’t be duplicated. Each record conveys its own message and presents a consistent tracklist that will require you to do your research on this rising emcee. With features from Mikey Aristotle & HQ Jones, this album will instantly become one of your favorites. Without further ado, click the link below to stream the new sounds below.

“Heartbreak Half” – Da Kidd Half (Prod By Daniel Watson)

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