Skooly Reintroduces Himself On His New Album, “Baccward Feelings”


Over the years, Atlanta has earned its seat atop of the entertainment industry. From dictating the new trends to influencing the sound of all genres, it’s hard to envision Hip-Hop without its Southern contributors. But when you think of the artists who’ve had a strong impact on the city, it would completely unethical to overlook the T.R.U. University star that ran the game as a youngin, took a brief hiatus and has returned with vengeance with his recent album, “Baccward Feelings“.

Skooly has always been a prominent force to be reckoned with and when you are constantly soaking up knowledge from one of the top emcees in the game (2 Chainz), it’s almost destined for one to be great. Providing a 13 track playlist to put his creativity to the test, Skooly uses his knack for creating music for any setting to recruit doubters to join his campaign. Calling on features from Cosanostra Kidd, Young Thug and the Drench God himself, Skate rises to the occasion and presents an album that is well worth the listen.

With fan favorites, “Swagger” (feat 2 Chainz), “Tasting Purple” and “My Brother Had Dope When He Left” ranking the most talked about records via social media, take a few moments and click the link below to stream Skooly’s new album, “Baccward Feelings”.

“Baccward Feelings” – Skooly:

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