Birmingham Native Turned Atlanta Resident, King Jai, releases his new EP, “IAMM6”


When you hear the words, consistent, resilience and perseverance in the music industry, you often think of the greats who paved the way for artists on all spectrums to thrive. But when you actually see the dedication and determination collide with divine intervention, you see the thousands of hours behind the scenes pay off. Sticking to those three main principles that have led him to this point, King Jai aligns himself with the greats by putting an exclamation point at the end of a very productive year with his new EP, “IAMM6”.

The Birmingham native turned Atlanta, GA resident, presents a solid six track compilation to help illustrate his journey as an artist by using his unique lyricism to paint the picture that his future success did not come overnight. In a time where imitating the popular trend has become the social norm, King Jai uses his authenticity to his advantage by providing a high-quality track list to put the grind as an indie artist in perspective. Recruiting features from Ransom Ranzina, Kardi Barclay, and King Elway, this masterpiece will strike a fire deep into your soul to pursue/claim what is rightfully yours.

As 2017 comes to a close and the new year creeps around the calendar, King Jai proves that he is well deserving of everything he aims to accomplish. Take a few moments of your day to allow your thought process to marinate in the sauce that’s been provided and take note from one of the hardest working independent artists the music industry has ever seen. Click the link below to stream King Jai’s new project, “IAMM6”.

“IAMM6” – King Jai:

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