#MustListen: “M.A.O.T.P. Part 1” – @translee


As the new wave of artists begins to leave their mark on the industry, we all can agree that music isn’t what it used to be. Doing everything in his power to restore hope in the few that believe that Hip-Hop is still alive and well, Translee presents his new album, M.A.O.T.P. Captivating the attention of a few music legends (T.I., Jeezy, DJ Khaled, T-Pain and many more), the Huntsville, Alabama native provides 10 records that is sure to catch you off guard and wonder why you’re late to his listening party.

Articulating every word and refraining from hiding behind adlibs, Translee provides an abundance of lyrical anomalies that will make your journey to accomplishing your goals smoother. Speaking on topics such as: finding love vs dream chasing, following the crowd vs being an individual and linking the effects of social media and it’s detrimental effect on ones thought process, its clear to see that he is using his music to awaken the conscious of his peers. With this being the first installment and Translee already promising a part two in the near future, enjoy his #MAOTP album below and also available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music or any music streaming site you use. Be on the lookout for more surprises from his campaign by following his campaign via Twitter and Instagram.

“M.A.O.T.P. Part 1” – Translee:

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