East Atlanta collective, East Chain Records, invites you to #GoEast


Aiming to change the way the world perceives music from their city, East Chain Records invites you to their side of town for their debut project, “Go East” (presented by: TheDailyNote401.com). Using the anchor to symbolize their strength in holding their own weight, the East Atlanta collective possesses one of the most ill rosters and demonstrates why they are a force to be reckoned with. Showcasing their own individual flavor, Michael Aristotle, HQ Jonez, Josh Dixon, Sinco, Half, Dre Biggs, IRI, Deezil, Tookie, Jet Yung, Jaque Beatz, Will Hendrixs & Jaye Newton, flex their lyrical strengths and challenges their competition to step their bars up. As this marks the beginning of an empowering and flourishing movement, it would benefit your choice in music selection to stream their new soundtrack below. (Click here to download.)

“Go East” – East Chain Records:

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