@OkayItsZaid delivers a flawless project on his debut release, “For The Summer”

For The Summer

To some, pursuing a career in the music industry in the city of Atlanta is a tough thing to do. Whether it’s trying to bump shoulders with the right people, providing high quality music or finding a crowd that will openly accept your music, it’s really a battle of the “survival of the fittest” to stay a float in what most call an “over-saturated” market. Proving that he deserves to be on the top of everyone’s indie lists and worthy of a honest listen, Zaid delivers a flawless project on his debut release, “For The Summer“.

“Been Had” – Zaid Feat. Sy Ari (Prod. By: Sunny):

Leading off the promo campaign for this project with his single, “Been Had” featuring Sy Ari Da Kid, Zaid set the bar of expectation high and exceeded expectations with his debut release. This project was a great display of not only his talent as an artist but his ability of paying attention to detail; which lead to a consistent track list. Seeing that his career is beginning to take flight and he is focusing on multiplying his investments ten fold, be on the lookout for more dope music from one of Atlanta’s most humble but hungry emcee’s. Click the link below to stream his debut project, “For The Summer“.

“For The Summer” – Zaid:

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