@D_EdWordz goes 10 for 10 on his debut mixtape, “Who Da Hell Is D. Edwordz”

FullSizeRender (47)

With social media playing a key factor in discovering new talent, it seems that all the music either comes from Atlanta, NYC, TX or Cali. But showcasing an unstoppable work ethic and an unprecedented amount of determination to put his city on the map, D. Edwordz represents his city well with his debut mixtape, “Who Da Hell Is D. Edwordz“.

With the track list running parallel to the mixtape title, the Little Rock, Arkansas native uses each track to describe himself on a personal level. Whether it’s reflecting on the days when he didn’t have much, to making it a focal point in his life to create his own avenue in the music industry, D. EdWordz is hungry for success. With a lions appetite and a kill in his eye to take the music world by storm, this young emcee is well on his way to greatness. Click the link below to stream/download his new project and enjoy some productions from Yung Lan, Taz Taylor, J Caspersen, RicandThadeus, Nard & B and XL.

“Who Da Hell Is D. EdWordz” – D. Edwordz (Hosted By: DJ ASAP):

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