[#SlumSeason] “Deserve It” – @Truestorygee Feat. @KCamp427 (Prod. By: @OGxParker)

Deserve It

Chasing a dream is one of the most advised options when it comes to living the life you want to live; but what some people don’t see, is the countless nights of no sleep that follow. “Getting it out of the mud” is a phrase used lightly by some but to Atlanta emcee’s True Story Gee and K Camp, it’s been a way of life for them and now they are reaping the benefits of their relentless grind. Releasing their new record with productions from OG Parker, Gee and Camp provide you with a record to confirm that you deserve everything that you’re working for. If you’re looking for a motivational record to keep you focused on the greatness at hand, click the link below and enjoy this new single.

“Deserve It” – True Story Gee Feat. K Camp (Prod. By: OG Parker):

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