[#NewEPAlert] “Road Trippin'” – @Spokendopeness


On our conquest to find the most talented artists around the country, we somehow crossed paths with a passionate artist from Bellingham, Washington by the name of Sunny D. Light and he is definitely an artist that you should take note of. You may have seen his previous records posted on our site before but he has evolved as an artist and has finally released his debut EP, “Road Trippin’“. You may wonder what kind of sound could be conjured up from the Pacific Northwest; take my word for it, it’s what your music library and conscience needs.

With an original sound on the production boards and lyrical presence, Sunny D. Light is one of the most consistent artists in this “Digital Era”. Providing 10 fluent records to help guide you through the rough terrain of life, Sunny D. speaks a message of progression, learning from life experiences and enjoying everyday as if it’s your last. With productions from Pacifixx, Kush Cobaine, Cian P, Chief, Solo Steeze and our good friends, Decent At Best, this project will speak to your inner thoughts and push you to strive for excellence.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about music lacking structure, we challenge you to click the link below to stream Sunny D. Light’s debut EP, “Roadtrippin'”. This young artist is ahead of his time and this project will speak to dream chasers across the world. Stay tuned for more great music releases by following his movement via Twitter and Instagram.

“Roadtrippin” – Sunny D. Light:

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