[Mixtape] “Sock It To Me” – @LarryJuneTFM (Prod By: @ImSledgren)


With one of the most diverse fan bases and still managing to soar under the radar, Larry June kicks off the New Year with the release of his new mixtape, “Sock It To Me“. The Leader of The Free Minded teams up with Taylor Gang producer, Sledgren, for 14 authentic records that will surely be a blessing to your music library.

Known for his sincere appreciation of the Whole Foods company and talking to organic juice bottles, the San Francisco emcee is preparing to take his movement world wide at anytime. With memorable adlibs and always keeping it real with his fans, Larry is definitely on his way to the top of the charts. As his campaign continues to flourish, keep an ear out for one of California’s top emcees. Click the link below to stream Larry June’s, “Sock It To Me” mixtape.

“Sock It To Me” – Larry June (Prod By: Sledgren):

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